Pressure based tutorial

(updated 14 october 2016)

In this tutorial you will see a simple example of how you can use the pressure value of the Pillo in your project. Take a look at this page if you want to know more about the pressure sensor and how to use it.

Keep in mind that this tutorial uses a very basic and simplefied example of how to make a game by only using the pressure function of the Pillo.

Click here if you want to download this unity project.


At the beginning of this tutorial you need to do the following:

  1. Make a new Unity 2D project and import the PDK package. If you don't have the PDK yet you can download it here .
  2. Add the PilloController prefab to your project's hierarchy (The prefab can be found in Pillo > _Core > Prefabs). This GameObject has a script attached to it and without this script you cannot use any of the Pillo functions!
  3. For this tutorial I have created the following objects: Player, Ground, GameMaster, Canvas with slider and text. It is up to you what style and position these objects get in the game. (see image 1).
  • Player: The blue sprite that will float up and down with the pressure value.
  • Ground: The Player and Ground objects have both a collider and 2D rigidbody. The ground is the only object with a kinematic Rigidbody.
  • GameMaster: Empty Object which has the pressureScript attached to it.
  • Canvas: The text and slider will indicate what the pressure is on the Pillo.

image 1

Below you see the script which has to be attached to the GameMaster object to keep your project organised and so you won't get confused with other objects and/or scripts in the future.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using Pillo; //Needed to make use of the Pillo interface.
using UnityEngine.UI; //Needed to make use of the Unity UI interface.

public class pressureScript: MonoBehaviour 
	//public variables
	public PilloID pilloID1;
	public GameObject player;
	public Slider pressureSlider;
	public Text pressureText;

	//private variables
	private float pressureP1;
	private float thrust;

	void Start()
		thrust = 20f; // keep in mind that you can change the multiplier value to your own liking, this value is only used as an example.

	void Update ()
		pressureP1 = PilloController.GetPressure (pilloID1); // Retrieves the pressure value of the Pillo and saves it in variable "pressureP1".
		pressureText.text = "Pressure: " + pressureP1.ToString("0.00"); 
		 * With pressureText you can see the actual value of the pressure on the Pillo in two decimals.
		 * The Pillo pressure can be shown in 7 decimals max. 

		if(pressureP1 > 0)
			player.GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>().AddForce (transform.up * (pressureP1 * thrust)); 
		pressureSlider.value = pressureP1; // Puts the value of pressureP1 in the pressureSlider so you can see how hard you're pressing on the Pillo.

Make sure you drag and drop the GameObjects in the public variables of the script in the GameMaster. if you have done everything correctly, then this should be the result: image 2