Note: The files for the calibration menu will be published once the team has declared it finished and ready to be used for others. This page will be edited in the future. (Updated 1 november 2016)

Pillo Calibration System

None of the Pillo's will have the exact same sensitivity when pressing on them, which means they need to be calibrated according to the user's preferences in order to play the Pillo game properly. Each Pillo game will have an additional scene where the players can calibrate/view the Pillo's seperately or view them all simultaneously in the last option of the dropdown UI.

To calibrate a Pillo the sensor's range and minimum pressure value has to be adjusted accordingly.

sensor's range

By changing the sensor's range of the Pillo you can change the sensitivity of how hard one has to press in order to change the pressure value. This means that a high sensor range value will only need a slight stroke on the Pillo to get the maximum pressure value and a low sensor range value probably two hands in order to reach that same pressure value.

The function we use to change the range value is SetSensorRange, which allows you to change the value of the minimum and maximum sensor range.


SetSensorRange(PilloID, int min, int max);

The min and max values are normally hex numbers, but we found out that its easier to use the numbers 10 and 250 as the min and max values to avoid confusion. – It doesn't matter if you change the minimum or maximum value of the sensor range because the difference between the two values is what matters. In our calibration system we only change the minimum value of the sensor range.


Min value = 10
Max value = 100

Difference = 90

Min value = 50
Max value = 140

Difference = 90

Minimum Pressure

In this calibration system it is possible to increase the minimum pressure value for the game to read the actual pressure value of the Pillo. This feature is implemented because of the known problem of some Pillos already having a pressure value higher than 0 (which means that there is pressure applied to it) without someone or something actually touching it. The cause of this problem is probably because of a flaw in the sensors of the Pillo and the best solution is to increase the minimum value of when the game needs to read the pressure value of the connected Pillo. The proper way of using this feature is to have the minimum pressure value a bit higher than the pressure value of the Pillo.

Use this handle to adjust the minimum pressure.