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 **Minimum Pressure** **Minimum Pressure**
-Some Pillo's will already ​have a pressure value above the 0 without someone or something ​applying pressure on it. Instead ​of switching the Pillo you are using for one that doesn'​t have this problem, you can increase ​the minimum pressure ​of the Pillo in the calibration system. What this do is set the minimum value of when the game should ​read out the pressure of the Pillo. ​This means that you need to press harder on the Pillo if you have minimum pressure higher than 0.+In this calibration system it is possible to increase the minimum pressure value for the game to read the actual pressure value of the Pillo. This feature is implemented because of the known problem of some Pillos ​already ​having ​a pressure value higher than (which means that there is pressure applied to it) without someone or something ​actually touching ​it. The cause of this problem ​is probably because of a flaw in the sensors ​of the Pillo and the best solution ​is to increase ​the minimum value of when the game needs to read the pressure ​value of the connected ​Pillo. ​The proper way of using this feature is to have the minimum pressure ​value a bit higher than the pressure value of the Pillo.  
 +//Use this handle to adjust the minimum pressure.//