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Upgrading the PDK

This guide is based only for if you already have an old version of the PDK in your project. To start a new project and import the Pillo functionality for the first time, please see the getting started guide

Back up your project

Always back up your old project before changing. Do you have version control over your project? Good. Do you not have version control for your project? Boo! Make a copy of your project somewhere on your local disks.

Deleting the old PDK

You need to delete all old PDK data. This includes all entries in the scene. Deleting the Pillo folder does the trick.. but.. do not forget:

  • Get rid of empty entries in the project hierachy. E.g. when you have imported your Pillo Controller on the Main Camera, there will be a empty script object left. Delete this before continuing.
  • Do not delete the folder if there is other data inside. E.g. if you have put art assets inside the PDK folder. Naturally this will be deleted as well. Only delete the Pillo PDK files!

Updating the project

Now simply drag and drop the PilloController.prefab in your scene. All old script should work with the new version of the PDK.. Additionally if you want to switch to the new Event system, drop the PilloSubscriberExample.prefab into the scene.